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Web server

Web server is a computer that delivers web pages to browsers and other data files to web-based applications. Using the HTTP protocol, Web browsers request pages from web servers, which then send or download those pages to the requester.

WHOIS Record

The Whois record shows domain ownership. The vetting team of the Certification AuthorityCertificate Authority (CA) uses this to help justify (or reject) an application for an SSL certificate.

WHOIS Privacy

WHOIS privacy is a feature available for some domain name extensions, which will remove any information about the domain name holder in the WHOIS Record.

Wildcard SSL

A Wildcard SSL secures your website and an unlimited number of subdomains. A Wildcard gets the same validation processes as a single domain certificate and has the common name form of *.domain.com. Find out more about Wildcard SSL here.

Windows Mobile

Windows Mobile is Microsoft's platform for PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and smartphones.


A worm is a malicious program that can copy and propagate itself over the internet using email programs or other transport tools. It may also compromise the security of an infected computer or cause system and data damage. Check for worms on your site(s) using market-leading anti-malware solution: HAFEATURES.
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